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In Defense of Sanity


This ubiquitous topic is going to continue to be a very disputed subject. However some articles, videos I have seen recently, have drawn this issue to the forefront of my thoughts. There are groups of people who would advocate for young men to disassociate from the company of women all together…

So called mennists or men’s rights activists would argue adolescent men, young men should go their own way. The importance of the influence of women in the life of a man is crucial in many aspects. Rather some would suggest that men don’t need women. That modern women especially are worth less than the time they are allotted. Only a sore spot that could potentially wholly avoided. Worth much less than the difficulty of maintaining a relationship, family goals, and should be altogether avoided.

In turn men should only focus on their own goals, objective success and career taking a backseat to other hobbies which largely revolve around culture of consumption, and largely degenerative behavior in the form of worthless hobbies, and literature and film without substance or objective value. If perhaps these people advocated for the gradual progression of skills that were worthwhile. Such as mathematics, language, history et cetera…instead focus almost entirely on hedonistic activities. Mostly it seems out of spite for the perceived actions of the modern woman. Disregarding completely more advantageous or beneficial activities, both in health of the body, and of mind.

I don’t discount some of the relevance of these perspectives, given the rise of modern feminism which is as a whole toxic. Yet just as toxic an influence that modern feminism and other movements are. Young women seek to find an identity just as all young people this is just another that is easy to grasp it’s also very popular. Which can aid in mobility in social, and peer groups. So of course is it attractive to attach oneself to such ideals. Yet! any and all that would seek make a divide between man and woman must be viewed in the same context. It can only be a negative to form such a barrier between the two sexes. The desire to only burn away with life-wasting hobbies a particularly vexing to my eye.

It’s no doubt that it is increasingly difficult to find someone who you can associate with. Especially in the opposite sex; specially if you are a person who has largely conservative views. In this world polluted with propaganda against such views. Propaganda against traditionalism, tribalism, homogeneity…There are good women out there, and if you listen to these children speaking about sour grapes. Completely removing themselves from the prospect of having a future, then you too will be forgotten. Your spirit will find it’s end in you, not only your spirit but that of your ancestors too.

Le mal du pays, nostalgie


In the middle of the night I awoke, and began to frantically scratch down notes about something I wanted to discuss. A dream that I had died. In my dream I was outside my self, and I was following my body throughout my daily mundane activities…

I quickly noticed banal repetition, and not fear nor anxiety did I feel of being in this state. Instead I was in despair,  I felt as though I wasn’t working hard enough. Had I actually died at this point and I really was watching my life from some point beyond how satisfied would I have been with it. It was a constant thing on the edge of my mind throughout that day. I began to think of the things I had done. I dreamt at long in nostalgia of the things I have seen, the places and the faces that I recall.

Sometimes these day dreams were beautiful, and other times painful as I recalled loss and absence of things I once held dear to me. All of these things create through fondness, and through pain the desire to do more, to see more and to live better above all else. I feel as though sometimes when I’m at a particular moment I can know that this moment in particular will be one that I will look back upon. It’s a beautiful and saddening thing because it above all crimson stark and all at once pale the brevity of life itself.

I don’t know if I am depressed, or perhaps I’m more in touch with my surroundings but I notice these things a lot. It’s as if my senses are always set to very high. I can’t help it, but it sometimes is overwhelming. I have to keep pushing myself, and reclaim the lost ground.


The Fairy That Disappeared


Lately I’ve been feeling disenchanted; perhaps disconnected from the life I want to lead and too tied to the one I have to lead. We’re presented with a world of choice with no freedom; a world of security with no privacy. The birthright to distinction of choices we never in reality made, but from which we must choose. No alternative; apparently failure to choose is not the same as choice.

I suppose it could be said that being aware of a discomfort can be the first step towards some sort of identification of the visual noise, like radio static buzzing constantly. Recognizing this nauseating dissonance, and associating it with society at large. The way a whole city resonates with a buzz like the deep wheezing breath of a dying beast. Struggling for air even as it’s lungs fill with blood despite an inevitable oblivion…

The world that’s been laid before us, the world we’ve been brought into aggravates me to no end. It constantly grates against me, every sound and sight and feeling brought on by the circus of this civilization is absolutely maddening to my senses at the best of times. We peer out of roomed towers stretching to the horizon standing like tombstonesliving in a dungeon without chains, doors or locks. A psychological confinement a false independence…

Is it exactly this simple, is it more honorable to struggle indefinitely against impossible odds? We should consider that without struggle, our existence would be without significance. The universe being reduced to an interstellar meat-grinder. The honorable man has always been the one who surmounts, the one who survives. It is that our whole culture is based upon; that is lost wisdom.

How can we reattain this when spirit is repressed when everything that encapsulates our archetypes, our forebears,our blood is demonized and spat upon. It may seem disheartening, but it is the only way I can imagine it. Once you struggle for so long and suddenly things are easy; then comes dissatisfaction and apathy. I know it, and maybe you too know it yourself. It’s apart of our nature and it’s indivisible from ourselves, and that is an encouraging thought.

Into the Shades…

Creative Conundrum


The creative process is seemingly something that we have a fleeting relationship with as we are adults. As life progresses we are surmounted into submission by a system inadequate necessary to cultivate any originality whatsoever. What I have come to remember the amount I used to create at a young age. It got me to thinking what had occurred for me to lose interest in my creative endeavors to such a degree. I am reminded of how much I used to enjoy the process of creating worlds and characters from nothing; that was the thing that astounded me as a child, aside from visual artwork. Being able to articulate objects of my own mind and give life to them was amazing. Looking back now I was probably not the best at that age; my syntax was poor, and some of my characters had poor voice from a learning perspective…

At that time though I was never thinking about the finished product, the process conceiving ideas was enough to keep me thoroughly entertained. Most of the time my stories were never read by anyone other than myself. I would save them to my computer or print them off and put them away to go back to when I pleased. Perhaps I was apprehensive to let people see my work, as I still am sometimes today.  I just never required validation for my efforts be they literary or some other form, like my drawings. I think that was probably the fundamental change that occurred in public school. Everything therein is about a final singular solution, and there is no room for the process just the result. There is no reward for being actively creative, only a reward for have been creative.

how to be 'creative'

how to be ‘creative’

So then the creative process itself is then broken down into a formula to be easily digested. Then those who’s minds are not creative can also achieve the illusion of creativity! isn’t it wonderful how equal everyone is! This break down and reiteration of one manner of doing something was utter despair for me. As well the constant over analyzing of everything was a major annoyance when I was in the education system. Especially when it came to literature, and artwork drudging through a passage or photo over and over making suppositions on what the author intended in often completely abstruse works. This is simply how public education grazes over and finds the most humdrum manner of learning that works best over an average. As a result the exceptions to these rules are left sitting bored, uninterested…

Those who are truly creative don’t sit down set out a plan, makes notes gather several different ideas and then pick the best one. They simply do! There is no forcing creativity, it has to happen on it’s own out of a desire within yourself. Surely creative people abandon many projects, things they deem to be unworthy yet they never once discarded an idea before attempting it! Throughout my life I’ve sat many times at my desk at night attempting to coerce myself to create. It will never happen until it’s ready to be done; even in artwork if I wish to draw from an object if I don’t feel the desire, the energy to create it will fail. You cannot go to school to become an artist.

Misadventure Mainframe

I haven’t been updating a lot as of late as my computer has been in and out with problems. I’m finally giving up on it and heading out to purchase another computer so I can get back to my regular schedule. Much to my chagrin this computer was only purchased three years ago, not much to be done about planned obsolescence. So another day or two and I will be back to publishing at least once a week.

So in the meantime enjoy this tree I photographed. 😉

Insight Bonus; Why Role-Playing?


what foe is this?

Why not just play computer games? the most frequent response I get whenever I bring up the idea of tabletop gaming. A lot of people don’t see the benefits and opportunity that come with engaging in this kind of game. Well I believe that game is too short a word to describe the experience that can be gathered from a successful role-playing experience. Another thing I often hear is that people are often “no-good” at imagining things; it seems like our minds are lazy these days and we want all the adventures to be written, beginning, middle, end. Already set out without any of the need for thinking about the deliberations of characters and such like because miraculously someone has already decided them for you!  How easy is that!

Well unfortunately for most people the idea of “imagination” has been all but destroyed as it’s something that is to be considered childish, and we should not think of childish things once we are grown adults! So, you’re going to need to put your brain on the treadmill for a bit and work it out. It’s easier for some than others but it’s painless I assure you, and you will feel much more confident about imagining things afterwards.  Despite what the outside world thinks about imagining things, in reality it’s something we do every single day. You think about future interactions with other people, taking the bus, going to run an errand. Without imagination how would we be able to analyze our future decisions and the multiple resolutions that come from each? This is one of the core aspects of tabletop role-playing.

This combined with the innumerable possibilities is the thing that makes this kind of game most appealing. There are rules of course; every game has some boundaries. No productive aim in art, music, or theatre can be without some sort of basal framework. The framework is the creation of the person who writes the world, the inhabitants and the legends of that world. The idea  is to fill that frame within the extremes of the environment and the conditions of that world, and hope to make it immersive and entertaining. It’s the GM (Game Master’s) responsibility to make the environments challenging, decorate the worlds through speech and create problems for the players to solve.

Beyond this there is nothing standing in the way of your mind. It might be arduous to comprehend for many of the people who have grown up with computer games with very meticulous rule systems; such that your actions are very restricted. Once you get around the idea that your options are so vast it’s difficult to often comprehend all the causation of each and every possibility. They are as the roots of a tree, and each and every bit as numerable.

There might be a computer game that is as enveloping in atmosphere and the myriad of actions that are possible in tabletop role-playing ten years in the future; or even more distant… In my time of role-playing my characters have started villages, burned villages to the ground, constructed temples, and razed the temples of our enemies, we’ve started virtuous and criminal endeavors, had celebrations and battles among monsters and men. All the adventures are real, because they are real to your mind. Your brain will attempt to resolve the problems you have to solve in the same way as the problems you encounter in reality.

In this aspect you’re training your mind to become better at resolving conflicts, or taking up the challenges that you have to face. Only the challenges you get to face in these worlds are much more entertaining than the ones we do on a day-to-day basis. They are none the less learning opportunities, problem solving, creativity, math, logic, and interpersonal skills. You’re not just leveling a character on the sheet, you’re also improving your own mind. ; )

Invigorating Inspiration!


Recently I’ve taken to walking from my place of work to my house at the end of the day. It’s quite a long walk altogether measuring nearly 12 kilometers in one direction. The majority of the walk runs a long stretch of road with the ocean on one side, and the other is made up of cliffs and outcroppings of trees periodically with higher hills surrounding and the coastline fading completely out of sight. I suppose the key aspiration of me doing this was to test myself, and reducing my need to rely on others as I have no vehicle of my own.

The first night was quick, but in the morning my muscles were quite sore which is to be expected. Then subsequent nights were substantially less difficult. However just this night I had a particularity long day, little sleep the previous night and long working hours; before I even began to walk home my feet ached. I still didn’t halt, or cease in any manner, I thought of the birds and all the other animals of the earth. They all have their own forms of movement, and they do so effortlessly. When has man become so unequal in simply traversing the land in contrast to our forebears?

Something interesting happened though, with a few kilometers left I was losing my vitality. My legs burned as if my body was pumping gasoline instead of blood and my feet ached and burned as if they were hammered with hundreds of nails all at once. Then stopping I looked to the ground, and I saw a single leaf. Brown and withered it was laying in the dim light just revealed by the light of the sky. Not just any leaf; it was the leaf of an Oak!

Around my home Oak trees are sadly infrequent so I regarded the incidental finding of this one symbol and of my near loss of will at the same crux to be something of significance! Despite the feeling as if every bone in each of my feet was broken and my muscles hesitant. This one leaf rekindled what spirit I had despite my corporeal pains. Do not underestimate one thing in our world, insight and wisdom can come from places you never anticipate, and with such haste!

Our European Spirit The Phantom Limb


symbolic battle of summer and winter

Just one day ago the one year anniversary of my blog passed. It brought to mind countless things, and I’ve had to sit quickly and write them down while it is fresh in my mind. The ability to converse on topics and ideals that I normally would never have an avenue to express. Or for that matter the people with whom to express the thoughts and ideas the skálds and the grey wanderers. All sharing in the same journey sharing dreams; many rivers draining into a single lake.

Then I discovered something, I was no longer alone. I wasn’t the only one who was searching for something more. Some vestigial energy that is within us all, and then the phantom limb sensation came to my mind…

The vitality of our ancestors is in all of us, and just like a person who loses a limb. However even though the limb is absent, they still feel it itching where it should be. The warmth of the sun, or the cool breeze, or even moving the limb to avoid obstacles where there was nothing to come to harm. I think this is how many of us feel when thinking about the European spirit. We feel it inside, inherently, and we gravitate towards it. Not all of us know this straight away until we’re exposed to the correct symbols, the archetypes. However slowly we are coming to a actualization, a renaissance of the spirit!

Alas here we are again, the death of the winter spirit no more ash will be cast. The time to sew seeds anew and another year before me, there is only ever room to improve. I await new challenges, joys and sorrows, new faces and insights!

Hail the Gods!
Hail Europe!
Hail all true Europeans!

Agriculture & The Death of Ancient Man – Part I

The Agricultural Revolution is in my mind when civilization changed the life of man in the most devastating way. We know that for the majority of human history man lived a hunter gatherer lifestyle. Although local populations of villages and the use of fire impacted the environment; the consequences of his actions were small in comparison to that of farmers and the dawn of agriculture.

Agriculture inevitably transforms the land. Partial or in some cases complete removal of natural vegetation. Forests are removed and not allowed to recover, and the distribution of species of plants and animals are disrupted. Arable farming where a plow is utilized greatly alters the soil, both by adding and removing plant nutrients, reducing soil acidity with lime, removing stones and irrigation techniques greatly altering the soil structure.

Most forms of crop production on a large-scale require the complete removal. Such is the case in cereal production in eastern England where not only the original vegetation is vanished, but the surrounding hedges and trees that were once planted around these fields are also being removed. The scale of the once great forests that covered Medieval Europe have been greatly diminished by the ever-growing agricultural expansion. Not only Europe, but all great agricultural civilizations.


In this case Agriculture is both the cause and the solution to the growing population crisis of the period. Agriculture is required provide the food supplies for the population to be sustained; conversely the more the population expands thus so. Agriculture and the more intensive use of land already in cultivation. So the expansion into neighboring forests; previous to this the main objective of farmers was to provide for themselves and their families. comparatively little of their output of crops left the borders of their own land.

Contemporary documents suggest that the expansion of the amount of arable land for the production more or less matched the growth of population with the exception of particularly rapid growth such as the late thirteenth century in Europe. After the migration movements of the first millennium C.E. the main features of European settlement were established; subsequent increases in cropland usually took place in clearing the forests between villages. Slowly the great woodlands of Europe the homes of our ancestors were just beginning to diminish…

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