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In Defense of Sanity


This ubiquitous topic is going to continue to be a very disputed subject. However some articles, videos I have seen recently, have drawn this issue to the forefront of my thoughts. There are groups of people who would advocate for young men to disassociate from the company of women all together…

So called mennists or men’s rights activists would argue adolescent men, young men should go their own way. The importance of the influence of women in the life of a man is crucial in many aspects. Rather some would suggest that men don’t need women. That modern women especially are worth less than the time they are allotted. Only a sore spot that could potentially wholly avoided. Worth much less than the difficulty of maintaining a relationship, family goals, and should be altogether avoided.

In turn men should only focus on their own goals, objective success and career taking a backseat to other hobbies which largely revolve around culture of consumption, and largely degenerative behavior in the form of worthless hobbies, and literature and film without substance or objective value. If perhaps these people advocated for the gradual progression of skills that were worthwhile. Such as mathematics, language, history et cetera…instead focus almost entirely on hedonistic activities. Mostly it seems out of spite for the perceived actions of the modern woman. Disregarding completely more advantageous or beneficial activities, both in health of the body, and of mind.

I don’t discount some of the relevance of these perspectives, given the rise of modern feminism which is as a whole toxic. Yet just as toxic an influence that modern feminism and other movements are. Young women seek to find an identity just as all young people this is just another that is easy to grasp it’s also very popular. Which can aid in mobility in social, and peer groups. So of course is it attractive to attach oneself to such ideals. Yet! any and all that would seek make a divide between man and woman must be viewed in the same context. It can only be a negative to form such a barrier between the two sexes. The desire to only burn away with life-wasting hobbies a particularly vexing to my eye.

It’s no doubt that it is increasingly difficult to find someone who you can associate with. Especially in the opposite sex; specially if you are a person who has largely conservative views. In this world polluted with propaganda against such views. Propaganda against traditionalism, tribalism, homogeneity…There are good women out there, and if you listen to these children speaking about sour grapes. Completely removing themselves from the prospect of having a future, then you too will be forgotten. Your spirit will find it’s end in you, not only your spirit but that of your ancestors too.

prometheus falling


The adolescent or young adult, as I once heard a man say goes through a series of progressions in attempting to find knowledge. That is knowledge of his/her own place in the world, and what direction they might take. As a result of this the first thing often done is to grasp onto a system of ideals. Without a proper sense of identity in turn…perhaps falling into one of many cliques that they will remain in for sometime.

They will discover, perhaps a character or movement that they might believe is suitable to them. Sometimes simply to provoke, other times to gain some form of social acceptance. As that in itself is quite the commodity, and has been for some time. Social climbing, by moving from person to person to gain something. Whether it is financial, or as I mentioned the previous form social currency.

In the eyes of many they might seem a desirable person to surround one self with. Someone who is well socialized can be seen as trustworthy, while someone who excludes or remains often isolated will seem too the group to be suspicious in the least. As well others in the larger group other so called climbers will have nothing to gain from associating with such a person.

Of course there are those would never become aware of the fact that the superficial interactions they share are only that. They either vehemently deny the possibility they could be so narcissistic or ignore it. I can’t say for certain because I don’t believe I could go on acting in this manner before it became nauseating. It’s like your whole personality is a massive fraud. Not just your interactions, but you. You’ve become at this point a counterfeit person, all your interactions charming charismatic and all together seated squarely on the precipice of deceit.

The only one deceived is your own purpose. The morals and objective social goalpost relevant now are self-serving. Though people would appear benevolent towards the causes of others, and the greater good. They are only concerned truly with how they appear to their peers, and consequently their peers to them. It’s quite a contrived apex of perjury of character.

Maybe a man can step outside the infinite regression of egoism, to put aside their desire for satisfaction, and the satisfaction for desire. Of course this is nothing new to man. The constant moral upmanship will not die any time soon…

“The truest mark of having been born with great qualities is to have been born without envy”

– François de La Rochefoucauld

The Fairy That Disappeared


Lately I’ve been feeling disenchanted; perhaps disconnected from the life I want to lead and too tied to the one I have to lead. We’re presented with a world of choice with no freedom; a world of security with no privacy. The birthright to distinction of choices we never in reality made, but from which we must choose. No alternative; apparently failure to choose is not the same as choice.

I suppose it could be said that being aware of a discomfort can be the first step towards some sort of identification of the visual noise, like radio static buzzing constantly. Recognizing this nauseating dissonance, and associating it with society at large. The way a whole city resonates with a buzz like the deep wheezing breath of a dying beast. Struggling for air even as it’s lungs fill with blood despite an inevitable oblivion…

The world that’s been laid before us, the world we’ve been brought into aggravates me to no end. It constantly grates against me, every sound and sight and feeling brought on by the circus of this civilization is absolutely maddening to my senses at the best of times. We peer out of roomed towers stretching to the horizon standing like tombstonesliving in a dungeon without chains, doors or locks. A psychological confinement a false independence…

Is it exactly this simple, is it more honorable to struggle indefinitely against impossible odds? We should consider that without struggle, our existence would be without significance. The universe being reduced to an interstellar meat-grinder. The honorable man has always been the one who surmounts, the one who survives. It is that our whole culture is based upon; that is lost wisdom.

How can we reattain this when spirit is repressed when everything that encapsulates our archetypes, our forebears,our blood is demonized and spat upon. It may seem disheartening, but it is the only way I can imagine it. Once you struggle for so long and suddenly things are easy; then comes dissatisfaction and apathy. I know it, and maybe you too know it yourself. It’s apart of our nature and it’s indivisible from ourselves, and that is an encouraging thought.

Simulacra et Simulation


In another time I had been a rather avid fan of computer gaming in general. The worlds created by minds similar to my own, of fantasy and adventure beyond that was attainable within the banal confines of daily life. My escapades into the unknown as a child as I detailed in Tabula Rasa & The Sublimation of Imagination, were mild in comparison to that of which computer gaming made available. Unfortunately like other things a sense of stagnation has crept in regarding my status as an admirer of these simulated worlds.

The advent of online gaming had never an ounce of appeal to me; even those scenarios that might be intended primarily for such an environment. Did not interest me in the very least rather I would be content to work against a computer AI, as opposed to another person. I have thought long and hard on what may separate myself from those who thoroughly enjoy online connectivity. I’ve ever experienced the feeling of loneliness or unbearable solitude that others have complained of. Of course I am not speaking from inexperience and I have given significant effort to enjoy these systems. Many of the mass online games all of which I have attempted have left me bored, disinterested in general.

The issue arises when someone is attempting to persuade a very large number of people to partake in a particular environment. It then becomes very difficult to appeal to each individual taste and what remains is an utter disarray, a jumble of every theme imaginable. When it arrives at this point my tolerance is excessively minute; I am utterly inflexible when it comes to cross-over in fiction of any kind. It’s something I’ve always been adamant about, and mixing opposing time periods or environments in close proximity to one another is a complete deal breaker. However my opinion on this subject is not one that is commonly shared, and my views are rather abstruse.

Yet my views withstanding this is what is now occurring on a massive scale in computer gaming, as it has become more mainstream as a result of ‘gamer culture’ it has to cater to a larger group of people. As such computer games are being produced in much the same way as Hollywood films. As it was computer games were a method of escaping the turbulent world around myself. Now however both of these worlds have become one, Marxist political agendas have become rife in computer games as the audience widens like a wound. No longer can I enjoy  time enveloped in a world to escape as the computer simulated one is merely a reflection of the world we exist in.

As as result more of my time engaged in computer gaming is devoted independent developers, and their projects. Computer games as well I’ve played in excess of ten years ago as these are not compromised in such a way. Where games are still developed as they once were. People who simply wanted to create an environment they thought was interesting and hadn’t been executed in such a manner before. At the present it has become no more than a vehicle for more vile political agendas as the remainder of major media.

(game shown is Mount & Blade Warband, with the module Brytenwalda which is highly recommended.)



The Abbey in the Oakwood

I was recently viewing a discussion on implied direction for the use of the Game Master role in a tabletop gaming environment. The technique when applied to give an increased subliminal layer of description for role-playing. I’ve embed a link here, and highly recommend you check out his channel. If you are interested in this type of thing you will find it invaluable. In summary the DM giving narration, and while in character for the NPCs in the game would play an even more cerebral level of interaction. Relying on very unobtrusive signals for the Player Characters to detect and interpret.

I’m not nearly as experienced in the realm of tabletop gaming as this fellow. It’s evident the people with whom he plays are far more adept, and perceptive when playing. Most of the people in my generation have comparably atrocious attention spans. It seems that if you don’t wave something in plain view, we are completely oblivious to it. I know almost certainly if I were to attempt to introduce this into a DM role it would likely remain undiscovered. Day to day conversation is a monumental task to find yourself talking to someone who doesn’t have half their attention devoted to a smart phone. Then only have to repeat what you’ve said initially, or just give up.

So as technology disconnects us more and more, and emotionally distances us as well. I am again reminded of my childhood, I think of my friends and family who I used to play with. In regards to our communication it seems as though we understood ourselves more clearly. The non-verbal cues were almost exclusively what we played with, still we weren’t confused. We laughed more than we spoke it seems, and sometimes we yelled or cried! With our faces we spoke, and our actions became symbols on the ground etched with sticks. A simple glance and we would know what our next destination was. Indeed children would probably pick up more quickly an implied direction by a good DM, than most adults these days.

So what is it that separates the creative intuition of a child’s mind from the adult? Where is the exact point that we lose our imagination? What’s the reason behind it; why does our worldview fundamentally change so we never view it in the same manner?
If I were to stand in front of a box of toys that I had as a child, there would be tiny vehicles, plastic soldiers, bricks for building structures from. As a child they were an incredibly vivid world, I could build or line up army men or push a truck around in the dirt. I don’t understand now why it was fun for me, it just was. As you get older if becomes more and more difficult to quantify with the imaginative energy that makes it enjoyable. Eventually it just all looks like plastic molded to take the shape of something else.

It would seem there is a Pavlovian fear response when people encounter something involved in creativity. As creativity is associated with imagination, which is in turn associated with childishness. Which we all know is a negative thing…even now those people who are involved in occupations or education that involves creativity be it writing, or art or music are regarded as flakes. People exclaim in despair “They obviously aren’t taking their lives very seriously” So how can it come as any surprise when people consume what they are fed, resisting must lead to failure?

“You don’t want to be come a starving artist, striving for something you care about. Who wants to fret about integrity. Why not become an accountant, or better yet a lawyer. Now there’s some stability; you want stability in your life don’t you?!”

The child’s mind is the creative mind, despite all the toys I had the thing I valued the most as a child. The pen and the paper; my fathers instruments, paint and clay that I could shape into anything my heart desired. There was the true freedom, not in anything that was manufactured, but my mind the immeasurable kingdom. I look now at the brilliant minds I knew as a child their spirit is crippled, and their features parallel their essence. The void created in the spirit of man, and those faces I used to know haunt me more than words can describe.

Soceital Sycophant

don't be mistaken for a mushroom

don’t be mistaken for a mushroom

It is no longer any secret that the media that so many people are addicted to is inherently damaging to our minds. This is with specially marked reference to the recent “facebook experiment“. Possibly the most wealthy and well known social network is now known to have openly conducted psychological experiments on their user base! and what is done about it… The services that many of us are part of namely social networking, a device intended to connect people does much the opposite. No longer do we gather and simply have a conversation, people would prefer to sit at their computer or use a cell phone to communicate. Indeed many people prefer to converse this way so accustomed to it we have become. The idea of confronting someone face to face has become a fear to people causing unwarranted anxiety, and it’s slowly becoming an epidemic.

Yes, hard as it is to believe people are becoming afraid of being social in spite of having hundreds in some cases thousands of friends on social networking websites. Sharing their lives at a distance preferring to keep it that way. Excessive internet use results in the development of disorders that would otherwise never exist. These types of fears among people are sharply on the rise, and it’s the result of dramatically reduced social interaction in the lieu of other forms of communication. It should be of no surprise that people are becoming ill, shutting themselves inside and viewing the world through a screen. Everything that is read is accepted to be true, and in a way the internet and other sources become the new reality replacing the world that exists around them.

Yet it is nearly impossible to disconnect from these trappings; if one is to remove themselves completely from the world that everyone around them are nearly completely engrossed in. Then by that action you are to remove yourself from the lives of people around you. That is the reality that everyone is subscribed to, and if you remove yourself from their version of the truth you essentially cease to exist. You might notice that you don’t even hear from friends or family as much in this situation. I’ve lived in this scenario and when people find that you don’t have a facebook (or some other social network), their reaction typically is nothing short of astonishment, as if they’ve just discovered a person who thrives without oxygen.

“How on Earth could you live you possibly conduct your life without a constant bombardment of information! How terribly boring you must be, how do you stay in touch! or What do you have to hide? and also basal remarks about your social status perhaps socially challenged and maybe a bit of a hermit!”

Perhaps I am a bit of a hermit, but perhaps you would be more prompt to bend to social norms; not go outside of the realm of rule. We strive to as humans to be social, and it’s from this desire to fulfill connection that a third party has moved in. That third party has poisoned an essential human ambition to sate the appetite of greed. There is always a merchant eager to sell something nobody needs, and today more than ever our world is glutted with superfluous substance. Do not hesitate to challenge those who believe themselves to be indifferent to suggestion. They likely know themselves as the cut path before them which they abide ambivalently through life. Know what you choose, and know why you choose it, but most importantly know yourself!

Bibliotheca Intactilis


are books dead?

are books dead?

I’ve been hearing a lot of discussion regarding the “obsolescence of libraries” as of late. I was working and pondering this idea that digital media is somehow superior to books and other written or printed media. The internet is not invulnerable; I can say with certainty that it is not going to be around forever. Not that we’ve never lost written media or great libraries in the past by the acts of Christianity. That being said it is easier now than it has ever been to access information of any kind anywhere in the world. Previous to this if an area library never had a resource we had to wait for it to be ordered, or simply went without it.

The internet is also a great deal less monitored and regulated, it’s much easier to read material or authors that would be normally “restricted” from libraries. However in the lack of regulation there is a sea of information out there that is highly suspect. Almost anyone with access to an internet connection can publish an article that will go out into the sea of information. Which is currently just above one-third of the world’s population. Most people don’t bother to regard sources and on the internet; anything read is just accepted as true!

The wisdom of the internet is simply not as nearly reputable as the library. The highly social aspect of the internet brings with it the information that is the accepted ideas being spread rampantly; while less popular opinions are bulldozed underneath a thick crust of media that is easily influenced and intertwined with public opinion so the information in nature is already biased. The moment an unpopular opinion occurs it’s gutted by the people bloated from the fashionable ill-considered media trough. The opposite is true of libraries, they are instead protected by a very thin mesh that filters out only the carefully analysed literature.

It shouldn’t surprise that the current methods of learning are well favored in our culture of immediate satisfaction. Knowledge is not taken in large amounts, but small and incrementally; websites offering lists of facts of science or history. It’s removed any concept of patience as virtue from out of the lexicon. Consuming hundreds of pages of historical text is an experience that just doesn’t happen online, it’s an experience unique to books. A comprehensive study that takes place over years and is compiled by a devoted author into a particular subject area.

The nature of books, and libraries simply cannot be matched by the internet or digital media in any aspect. People calling for the death of the library should not be so quick to dismiss them.   We cannot equate the intangible nature of the internet with the reliable quality that a good tangible book gives. Inevitably there won’t be an internet forever, it’s not powered by an unequivocal resource. It’s just as fragile as the current state of the society. Although difficult to imagine all the information that is stored can be lost as easily as paper to a fire. Perhaps one day the internet will be regarded in passing as a more garish form of the ancient Library of Alexandria.

Herd Behavior; Against Nature for the Sake of Nature

wayward, the black sheep doesn't follow the herd

wayward, the black sheep doesn’t follow the herd

I remain thoroughly confused about the motives of young people in this current age. I thought I had come to a closer understanding of the intentions of most young people and what their goals and aspirations as well as their social and moral ambitions are. However the closer I come to any kind of comprehension of this it evades me again, and slips through my fingers. At first I assumed it was weighted in wealth, and fame or recognition for their own accolades. Things that are no doubt valued and heralded in the present pseudo-culture, and then I discovered a new trend.

The trend is that of moral passion; however it’s a trend, and just that. While at the present it’s incredibly “stylish” to be passionate about moral and societal issues; the thing I have learned is that most don’t seem to know anything at all about these issues that they are so passionate about. It’s feigned ardor in order to gain approval from their peers, it happens in every movement of this kind. If you step outside this set of ideals and are “dissident” so to speak you will find yourself exiled from your peer-group. So naturally lots of young people are not going to risk being ostracized.

The majority of people being pressured by fear into these patterns of thinking are middle-class western people. Most people who have never been faced with any kind of strife in their lives. Most of them probably couldn’t build a fire, or know which end of an axe to hold on to have suddenly become “tortured souls” on the moral path to righteousness! Fighting for the rights of peoples they’ve never met! …of course it’s difficult for me to blame someone for their desire to maintain their social-standing as I don’t really maintain one. It is a basic human desire to be accepted by those around you, to care for and be cared for.

So called “peer-pressure” is not alone to be blamed in this situation, one look at the media and it is clearly visible. Europeans are self-deprecating in every aspect of their public appearance. In television, or otherwise in the media through popular-music and film and so on. If you look to the persons who control the media then you will know what it is that drives the question that I began with. Trends are made to benefit no one, they are a method of propaganda utilizing basic human societal structures. It trickles down through, you’re not going to risk being considered an outcast are you?

The Poison Well

Willowwood_2008-08_water well

Knowledge should be as a clear pool, the source should be visible…

Knowledge as known by our ancestors was a very important thing, and those who were well versed in the natural world and the histories and religions of such were highly regarded. This is before this knowledge was written, and as such it was only ever exchanged through spoken word. We think now that it would be extremely difficult to recall such an immense amount of knowledge, just by memory. However this is exactly what our ancestors did; entire libraries worth of knowledge in their minds. It was a lot safer this way. As people who would seek to destroy the heritage or wealth of knowledge wouldn’t just have to burn down a library, they would have to destroy the people themselves!

We all learn at a young age that the natural world can be a very hostile place. Even in its beauty it is very unpredictable; a great deal of plants are inedible to humans having other applications. We all knew which berries to eat as a child, and the ones we couldn’t touch. We knew which plants to avoid, the ivy, and the hemlock. The world has these natural defense mechanisms, but we do as well. In our knowledge from our forebears we could survive more easily, and do all the things necessary to survive the natural world.

While our parents taught us well what plants we could eat, and which ones we could not. However they had no chance to warn us of a different poison. Enemies using knowledge against people; they themselves had already been subject to the damage themselves! It’s very difficult to protect anyone from a threat that’s invisible to you. While the parent generation is at fault, it is somewhat indirect. They were fed from the same cloth how could they predict the subjugation of their children’s minds if they themselves are already corrupt? It was in their generation that it was altered; knowledge became a method of subverting the masses. European histories became something distant our ancestors believed. Not something to be taken seriously, but who is responsible…

Knowledge is much more treacherous with the advent of the internet. People are much too easily accepting the things they read to be fact; perhaps it’s posted in a well-known newspaper, or an online encyclopedia.  It’s just accepted to be the truth and without checking sources or known biases that are typically held by large news sources. It’s important now more than ever to be inquisitive; there is absolutely no such thing as a stupid question. Examine who owns the sources of knowledge, who funds them. What benefits could they gain from promoting a particular article? Lies may appear to be truths; known truths will be presented as lies.

I said before that if they wanted to destroy our forebears, the people themselves would have to be attacked. Not the libraries, or the temples? Well it is now; the coming generation will need to know the truth. We must be ready to give it to them.

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