The New Renaissance

by Edward Le Prieur

1896 Oil on canvas, 98×163 cm City Art Galleries, Manchester, England Digital restoration: Dale Cotton, 2010:
Perhaps Renaissance is not the first term, imagine if you will with ever synonym you wish. Resurgence, revival, renewal, what ever you desire its name be…it is a new dawn. If you’ve at all been aware of recent events, and I should not need to explain my meaning. We’ve come to an apex; a culmination of years of trial to have the message heard. Although, refusing to accept what we would offer in kindness, and out of the goodness of our hearts and minds. After a long enough time people would begin to wake up, and slowly, inevitably it is happening.

The events are unfolding in such a manner that it cannot possibly be ignored any longer. Perhaps we have contributed with wisdom, if people would listen. Perhaps my words have gone unread by only those who are eager and fascinated to see. Now it’s as a clap of thunder, the clouds have rolled back, the river bed has dried revealing the bottom to everyone who could stand at those banks. Only the willfully blind could still stand in ignorance to the truth we have known all along.

I don’t know if the world is ready, but I am ready. For all the brothers and sisters of Europa everywhere; to be together and stand shoulder to shoulder against what can no longer be ignored. I have found more happiness recently than I have in many months, I am glad to be here.