Simulacra et Simulation

by Edward Le Prieur


In another time I had been a rather avid fan of computer gaming in general. The worlds created by minds similar to my own, of fantasy and adventure beyond that was attainable within the banal confines of daily life. My escapades into the unknown as a child as I detailed in Tabula Rasa & The Sublimation of Imagination, were mild in comparison to that of which computer gaming made available. Unfortunately like other things a sense of stagnation has crept in regarding my status as an admirer of these simulated worlds.

The advent of online gaming had never an ounce of appeal to me; even those scenarios that might be intended primarily for such an environment. Did not interest me in the very least rather I would be content to work against a computer AI, as opposed to another person. I have thought long and hard on what may separate myself from those who thoroughly enjoy online connectivity. I’ve ever experienced the feeling of loneliness or unbearable solitude that others have complained of. Of course I am not speaking from inexperience and I have given significant effort to enjoy these systems. Many of the mass online games all of which I have attempted have left me bored, disinterested in general.

The issue arises when someone is attempting to persuade a very large number of people to partake in a particular environment. It then becomes very difficult to appeal to each individual taste and what remains is an utter disarray, a jumble of every theme imaginable. When it arrives at this point my tolerance is excessively minute; I am utterly inflexible when it comes to cross-over in fiction of any kind. It’s something I’ve always been adamant about, and mixing opposing time periods or environments in close proximity to one another is a complete deal breaker. However my opinion on this subject is not one that is commonly shared, and my views are rather abstruse.

Yet my views withstanding this is what is now occurring on a massive scale in computer gaming, as it has become more mainstream as a result of ‘gamer culture’ it has to cater to a larger group of people. As such computer games are being produced in much the same way as Hollywood films. As it was computer games were a method of escaping the turbulent world around myself. Now however both of these worlds have become one, Marxist political agendas have become rife in computer games as the audience widens like a wound. No longer can I enjoy  time enveloped in a world to escape as the computer simulated one is merely a reflection of the world we exist in.

As as result more of my time engaged in computer gaming is devoted independent developers, and their projects. Computer games as well I’ve played in excess of ten years ago as these are not compromised in such a way. Where games are still developed as they once were. People who simply wanted to create an environment they thought was interesting and hadn’t been executed in such a manner before. At the present it has become no more than a vehicle for more vile political agendas as the remainder of major media.

(game shown is Mount & Blade Warband, with the module Brytenwalda which is highly recommended.)