Creative Conundrum

by Edward Le Prieur


The creative process is seemingly something that we have a fleeting relationship with as we are adults. As life progresses we are surmounted into submission by a system inadequate necessary to cultivate any originality whatsoever. What I have come to remember the amount I used to create at a young age. It got me to thinking what had occurred for me to lose interest in my creative endeavors to such a degree. I am reminded of how much I used to enjoy the process of creating worlds and characters from nothing; that was the thing that astounded me as a child, aside from visual artwork. Being able to articulate objects of my own mind and give life to them was amazing. Looking back now I was probably not the best at that age; my syntax was poor, and some of my characters had poor voice from a learning perspective…

At that time though I was never thinking about the finished product, the process conceiving ideas was enough to keep me thoroughly entertained. Most of the time my stories were never read by anyone other than myself. I would save them to my computer or print them off and put them away to go back to when I pleased. Perhaps I was apprehensive to let people see my work, as I still am sometimes today.  I just never required validation for my efforts be they literary or some other form, like my drawings. I think that was probably the fundamental change that occurred in public school. Everything therein is about a final singular solution, and there is no room for the process just the result. There is no reward for being actively creative, only a reward for have been creative.

how to be 'creative'

how to be ‘creative’

So then the creative process itself is then broken down into a formula to be easily digested. Then those who’s minds are not creative can also achieve the illusion of creativity! isn’t it wonderful how equal everyone is! This break down and reiteration of one manner of doing something was utter despair for me. As well the constant over analyzing of everything was a major annoyance when I was in the education system. Especially when it came to literature, and artwork drudging through a passage or photo over and over making suppositions on what the author intended in often completely abstruse works. This is simply how public education grazes over and finds the most humdrum manner of learning that works best over an average. As a result the exceptions to these rules are left sitting bored, uninterested…

Those who are truly creative don’t sit down set out a plan, makes notes gather several different ideas and then pick the best one. They simply do! There is no forcing creativity, it has to happen on it’s own out of a desire within yourself. Surely creative people abandon many projects, things they deem to be unworthy yet they never once discarded an idea before attempting it! Throughout my life I’ve sat many times at my desk at night attempting to coerce myself to create. It will never happen until it’s ready to be done; even in artwork if I wish to draw from an object if I don’t feel the desire, the energy to create it will fail. You cannot go to school to become an artist.