Herd Behavior; Against Nature for the Sake of Nature

by Edward Le Prieur

wayward, the black sheep doesn't follow the herd

wayward, the black sheep doesn’t follow the herd

I remain thoroughly confused about the motives of young people in this current age. I thought I had come to a closer understanding of the intentions of most young people and what their goals and aspirations as well as their social and moral ambitions are. However the closer I come to any kind of comprehension of this it evades me again, and slips through my fingers. At first I assumed it was weighted in wealth, and fame or recognition for their own accolades. Things that are no doubt valued and heralded in the present pseudo-culture, and then I discovered a new trend.

The trend is that of moral passion; however it’s a trend, and just that. While at the present it’s incredibly “stylish” to be passionate about moral and societal issues; the thing I have learned is that most don’t seem to know anything at all about these issues that they are so passionate about. It’s feigned ardor in order to gain approval from their peers, it happens in every movement of this kind. If you step outside this set of ideals and are “dissident” so to speak you will find yourself exiled from your peer-group. So naturally lots of young people are not going to risk being ostracized.

The majority of people being pressured by fear into these patterns of thinking are middle-class western people. Most people who have never been faced with any kind of strife in their lives. Most of them probably couldn’t build a fire, or know which end of an axe to hold on to have suddenly become “tortured souls” on the moral path to righteousness! Fighting for the rights of peoples they’ve never met! …of course it’s difficult for me to blame someone for their desire to maintain their social-standing as I don’t really maintain one. It is a basic human desire to be accepted by those around you, to care for and be cared for.

So called “peer-pressure” is not alone to be blamed in this situation, one look at the media and it is clearly visible. Europeans are self-deprecating in every aspect of their public appearance. In television, or otherwise in the media through popular-music and film and so on. If you look to the persons who control the media then you will know what it is that drives the question that I began with. Trends are made to benefit no one, they are a method of propaganda utilizing basic human societal structures. It trickles down through, you’re not going to risk being considered an outcast are you?