Earthen Womb, Ethereal Harmony

by Edward Le Prieur


instrument of the spirit of european man…

Modern humans seem to have an infatuation with noise; each time I go into a city or a well populated town I find myself completely overwhelmed with noise. Even without the sirens, constant traffic, television screens on the corners there is a consistent hum like a deep resonating buzz. It’s like the heartbeat of a metropolis, and I meet it with great disdain.

There is simply nothing beautiful about the sounds of thousands of lives crammed into a few square kilometers. It’s harsh noise, and it’s an assault on any conscious human being. Previous to the modern age, humans had very few occurrences where we would hear large sudden sounds, like thunder, or a tree falling. Or the unbroken sounds like a running stream or the whistling wind. Our ancestors would revel in this breathtaking yet overwhelming occurrences of the natural world; yet they were and we still are not meant to endure a constant barrage of noise.

The silence gave our forebears the opportunity to develop with their acuity, to fill the silence that nature provided. With music and instruments they created from the world around them. Through the inspiration of the natural world wind instruments were developed to give a voice to the very spirit of man. They fashioned these instruments from the bones of cave bears of the very womb of our mother earth.

Very seldom do we take the time to remain in silence, and connect in a way to our world in the manner our ancestors did. I myself am guilty of this; finding it difficult to leave home without my music player to accompany me. I still do my best to go into the open world away from the noise, and to the essential melody of the world. Take my time to gain insights, bridging the gap between myself and the essence of our forebears.