The Poison Well

by Edward Le Prieur

Willowwood_2008-08_water well

Knowledge should be as a clear pool, the source should be visible…

Knowledge as known by our ancestors was a very important thing, and those who were well versed in the natural world and the histories and religions of such were highly regarded. This is before this knowledge was written, and as such it was only ever exchanged through spoken word. We think now that it would be extremely difficult to recall such an immense amount of knowledge, just by memory. However this is exactly what our ancestors did; entire libraries worth of knowledge in their minds. It was a lot safer this way. As people who would seek to destroy the heritage or wealth of knowledge wouldn’t just have to burn down a library, they would have to destroy the people themselves!

We all learn at a young age that the natural world can be a very hostile place. Even in its beauty it is very unpredictable; a great deal of plants are inedible to humans having other applications. We all knew which berries to eat as a child, and the ones we couldn’t touch. We knew which plants to avoid, the ivy, and the hemlock. The world has these natural defense mechanisms, but we do as well. In our knowledge from our forebears we could survive more easily, and do all the things necessary to survive the natural world.

While our parents taught us well what plants we could eat, and which ones we could not. However they had no chance to warn us of a different poison. Enemies using knowledge against people; they themselves had already been subject to the damage themselves! It’s very difficult to protect anyone from a threat that’s invisible to you. While the parent generation is at fault, it is somewhat indirect. They were fed from the same cloth how could they predict the subjugation of their children’s minds if they themselves are already corrupt? It was in their generation that it was altered; knowledge became a method of subverting the masses. European histories became something distant our ancestors believed. Not something to be taken seriously, but who is responsible…

Knowledge is much more treacherous with the advent of the internet. People are much too easily accepting the things they read to be fact; perhaps it’s posted in a well-known newspaper, or an online encyclopedia.  It’s just accepted to be the truth and without checking sources or known biases that are typically held by large news sources. It’s important now more than ever to be inquisitive; there is absolutely no such thing as a stupid question. Examine who owns the sources of knowledge, who funds them. What benefits could they gain from promoting a particular article? Lies may appear to be truths; known truths will be presented as lies.

I said before that if they wanted to destroy our forebears, the people themselves would have to be attacked. Not the libraries, or the temples? Well it is now; the coming generation will need to know the truth. We must be ready to give it to them.