Thus Spake Natura

by Edward Le Prieur

nature reclaims the ruins

nature reclaims the ruins

There is a fundamental disconnect that we are all facing whether or not we realize it, and as each year passes it becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives. Increasingly it’s difficult not to be the owner of some technological device or service. Whether it be a cellular telephone, laptop computer, or social networking service. Lacking one or more of these things you would find that your life will become more difficult; not because these things are necessary. Quite the opposite, but most government services, and required responsibilities of a person in the modern world will only have access through these avenues. So it becomes an extortion into the material world, forced obsolescence is common, and depression even more so…

The disengagement is that of our relationship to nature, its beauty, and mother earth. Most people you may speak with forget; or choose to ignore that we are in fact a product of this earth. Yet the underlying feeling of emptiness experienced among people living in modern environments is something more ambitious to overlook. Take a moment to examine the amount of time you spend in front of the computer, telephone, or watching television. Removing the amount of time that you spend outside, walking in the woods, gardening or otherwise interacting with nature. The product for most people is a negligible relation to our own nature!

Everything in our natural world is connected, and belongs together. It is no accident that the air we breathe is a consequence of the growth of plants and trees. Just as the Carbon Dioxide we exhale is exactly what the trees need to thrive. Yet we slash and burn the forests, mine the mountains, and stain the oceans. We have become blind by the world that has been pulled in front of our eyes. A manufactured world in which its design is to disconnect us. How on earth can someone care about a world where they do not feel they belong!?

How can then a child care about the forest if all they know is that food comes from a shop? They will sit inside their air-conditioned coffin and be safe from nature. You’ve likely felt this same way, deprived of the natural world. You feel it uprooting your mind from the comfortable and into the wild, where we are meant to be. It’s also likely that you know someone who is averse to this; enchanted by the easy life. Go out into the world grab someone, drag them hence of their counterfeit life. Give them the chance to see where life really happens; if they do not still recognize the beauty. Quit them where they stand!

Our absolution is in nature, our ancestors were humbled before mother earth. Perhaps some modesty would go a long way…