Our European Spirit The Phantom Limb

by Edward Le Prieur


symbolic battle of summer and winter

Just one day ago the one year anniversary of my blog passed. It brought to mind countless things, and I’ve had to sit quickly and write them down while it is fresh in my mind. The ability to converse on topics and ideals that I normally would never have an avenue to express. Or for that matter the people with whom to express the thoughts and ideas the skálds and the grey wanderers. All sharing in the same journey sharing dreams; many rivers draining into a single lake.

Then I discovered something, I was no longer alone. I wasn’t the only one who was searching for something more. Some vestigial energy that is within us all, and then the phantom limb sensation came to my mind…

The vitality of our ancestors is in all of us, and just like a person who loses a limb. However even though the limb is absent, they still feel it itching where it should be. The warmth of the sun, or the cool breeze, or even moving the limb to avoid obstacles where there was nothing to come to harm. I think this is how many of us feel when thinking about the European spirit. We feel it inside, inherently, and we gravitate towards it. Not all of us know this straight away until we’re exposed to the correct symbols, the archetypes. However slowly we are coming to a actualization, a renaissance of the spirit!

Alas here we are again, the death of the winter spirit no more ash will be cast. The time to sew seeds anew and another year before me, there is only ever room to improve. I await new challenges, joys and sorrows, new faces and insights!

Hail the Gods!
Hail Europe!
Hail all true Europeans!