Intellect; Persona Non Grata

by Edward Le Prieur

Loki’s flight to Jötunheim

Some persons are born with a rather increased more anxious relationship with the world than average. I suppose doctors would refer to it as being an inhibited approach to their surroundings. However in my mind wouldn’t it be more favourable to be wired more sensitive to stimuli than indifferent to the world around us? These people will have a stronger more negative response to change in their environment, and take significantly longer to warm up to new situations and scenarios. It’s very likely that you know at least one person like this.

These qualities are often regarded in many cultures as being inferior and flawed; these children are seen as too hesitant and sensitive. They will often avoid social situations that are typically over stimulating. Compared to the majority they are immediately at a disadvantage here, as moving into a new conditions is extremely difficult and dismaying. So the more cautious person will slowly break away from the throng and form their own individual priorities, and interests. Once a person makes it to this point, they are viewed as the pariah, persona non grata, and from a “psychology” perspective. They are the problem.

It is the ambition of modern societal structure to compose a representation of these few. As socially anxious, rigid, or completely inflexible to change. The interests are a result of the inherent desire to be exempt from intellectually stunted. Often leading to the inability to associate with peers, or cause them to feel misunderstood and alienated. It becomes easy to see how a ‘non-typical’ interest such as a creative artistic one, where most of his/her peers will not be is often shunted. Rather than Hollywood or reality television. This is often again considered, problematic.

Not naturally adapting to the ideals and interests of your peer group is not a diagnosis! It is a manufactured attempt to kill the intellect. The intellectual does not naturally have problems socializing, nor do they despise interacting with people. In the majority of cases they merely need to conduct with someone who shares ideas of same level. Someone who wants to learn and explore the subjects they enjoy. The fact is that these subjects rarely come into the field of view of the average person.

The intellectual person is vehemently aware of how abstract or abstruse their interests are, and much earlier in life they are taught that most people do not share their interests. So why on earth would they go out of their way to socialize. They are perfectly content to remain isolated with their various projects. To be clear there is not some war on the average world being fought by the individual, most simply can’t be bothered. The irony is that the world teaches them the very thing they are objectified and persecuted for.

They are simultaneously created, and rejected by the world that created them…