Tabula Rasa & The Sublimation Of Imagination

by Edward Le Prieur


Let your mind tell you what it sees…

At the moment each of us comes into this world, our minds are completely unblemished by it in anyway. You are not influenced by anyone or anything subconsciously or consciously in the mind. Before you are subjected to the death of one of the greatest aspects of your mind. The ability to conceive substance from nothing, the ability to imagine, resolve the aspects of the world we do not have answers for. There still are those among us who are in touch with this. Novelists, poets, artists all innovators of their insight. Without imagination the very foundations of the world our ancestors established would have been reduced to ruin.

In some of my earliest of memories, imagination molded the largest part of the world around me. Very little knowledge of what each plant was, the names of all the trees or the birds. So in the absence of concrete words and written definition for each. The world is created in a different light to each mind, what a wondrous time it was.  I recall about nearly five years of age, a large meadow next to my house where we would play. It lead up the side of a hill to the edge of the dense treeline. The trees were so many and so close together it appeared always dark, even on the most bright summer day. There were large boulders scattered about the edge of the forest.

We would explore what seemed the far reaches of the meadow, and have battles. Sticks would become swords, large boulders then became fearsome beasts that we would have to combat. We were always victorious of course! If we were feeling especially brave we would go into the edge of the forest, and all manner of things would be lurking in there. Banging sticks on the trees to ward away the things in the dark, and throwing pine cones around. Eventually we would get called home for dinner, but the adventure of the great wide world was always on the edge of our minds.

The world was a beautiful place back then, not just from the hazy perspective of childhood nostalgia. This is not merely a memory our minds made it that way. It was our interpretation of the world around us. It was ours alone. Individually created, it was so beautiful because it was what was intended.

This was all by no mistake before the arrival of public schooling, and the shaping of our minds was just to begin. Soon the world that we so loved would become categorized, and regulated, and defined down to nothing. What would be the point to step out the door, the world that someone else created was slowly erasing the one our minds had. Now looking at the world we see what we were told to see. What has been explained to us, and continues to be explained to one generation after the next. Your imagination is bad, your brain needs to be standardized. As with everything else, recorded, recalled, copied and pasted…