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Month: March, 2014

The Poison Well

Willowwood_2008-08_water well

Knowledge should be as a clear pool, the source should be visible…

Knowledge as known by our ancestors was a very important thing, and those who were well versed in the natural world and the histories and religions of such were highly regarded. This is before this knowledge was written, and as such it was only ever exchanged through spoken word. We think now that it would be extremely difficult to recall such an immense amount of knowledge, just by memory. However this is exactly what our ancestors did; entire libraries worth of knowledge in their minds. It was a lot safer this way. As people who would seek to destroy the heritage or wealth of knowledge wouldn’t just have to burn down a library, they would have to destroy the people themselves!

We all learn at a young age that the natural world can be a very hostile place. Even in its beauty it is very unpredictable; a great deal of plants are inedible to humans having other applications. We all knew which berries to eat as a child, and the ones we couldn’t touch. We knew which plants to avoid, the ivy, and the hemlock. The world has these natural defense mechanisms, but we do as well. In our knowledge from our forebears we could survive more easily, and do all the things necessary to survive the natural world.

While our parents taught us well what plants we could eat, and which ones we could not. However they had no chance to warn us of a different poison. Enemies using knowledge against people; they themselves had already been subject to the damage themselves! It’s very difficult to protect anyone from a threat that’s invisible to you. While the parent generation is at fault, it is somewhat indirect. They were fed from the same cloth how could they predict the subjugation of their children’s minds if they themselves are already corrupt? It was in their generation that it was altered; knowledge became a method of subverting the masses. European histories became something distant our ancestors believed. Not something to be taken seriously, but who is responsible…

Knowledge is much more treacherous with the advent of the internet. People are much too easily accepting the things they read to be fact; perhaps it’s posted in a well-known newspaper, or an online encyclopedia.  It’s just accepted to be the truth and without checking sources or known biases that are typically held by large news sources. It’s important now more than ever to be inquisitive; there is absolutely no such thing as a stupid question. Examine who owns the sources of knowledge, who funds them. What benefits could they gain from promoting a particular article? Lies may appear to be truths; known truths will be presented as lies.

I said before that if they wanted to destroy our forebears, the people themselves would have to be attacked. Not the libraries, or the temples? Well it is now; the coming generation will need to know the truth. We must be ready to give it to them.

Alas, poor Yorick!


“Respice post te! Hominem te esse memento! Memento mori!”

I was in no less certain terms interrogated by a parent of a person about my age. She began to ask me what I’m doing at this current time with my life, and when she found out I wasn’t attending University…The look on her face was absolute bewilderment, and then aggression as if I regarded my life with some kind of ambivalence! Well nevertheless the reaction wasn’t something I didn’t expect, which is why I try to avoid this type of confrontation. This thinking wherein if you are not doing some kind of University education as an immediate indicator of your value as a person is vile, and elitist. Its effects drive youth into directions they never intended to take with their lives, not only that but into debt. Slaves to banks until they have children their own age going into these indoctrination camps.

All of these things to achieve what, an education? No. A piece of paper that says you’re qualified to do one thing for the rest of your life. Then you pay for your ability to go to this one job, so you can get paid. It all seems rather contrived when you put in on paper, but there are millions of people at this particular moment that are in one stage of this process. It doesn’t start in adolescence, however it starts much earlier. We live in a world where greed, narcissism, and gluttony are viewed as virtues. Value is attributed directly to the material wealth of a person, not their knowledge, not their experience in this world. Everyone is chasing the same goal, and in the end it can only lead to the realization that they should have done what they felt in their heart.

Yorick of the Shakespeare play Hamlet came to my mind he was “a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy” and at the finding of his remains it brought up the grim reality of the vanity in life. The idea is ever as relevant as it was when it was written in the 16th century; although I do not mean in the Judeo-Christian manner. Life is indeed finite and people often spend it in jest, verily a good analogue of what most people this day do. Abandoning their own dreams, to live a life of material. I believe this is one of the greatest conundrums of the modern world; the most saddening as well. The one thing that is pursued the most and exalted is the one thing I fear more than anything. A cage, and no less built out of your own will and paid for in debt which is passively accepted. This society is a standing pool of water, and it’s drying up. There is no future in this manner just people trying to get through the grind. That grind that we used to call life…

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Greek Proverb

Thus Spake Natura

nature reclaims the ruins

nature reclaims the ruins

There is a fundamental disconnect that we are all facing whether or not we realize it, and as each year passes it becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives. Increasingly it’s difficult not to be the owner of some technological device or service. Whether it be a cellular telephone, laptop computer, or social networking service. Lacking one or more of these things you would find that your life will become more difficult; not because these things are necessary. Quite the opposite, but most government services, and required responsibilities of a person in the modern world will only have access through these avenues. So it becomes an extortion into the material world, forced obsolescence is common, and depression even more so…

The disengagement is that of our relationship to nature, its beauty, and mother earth. Most people you may speak with forget; or choose to ignore that we are in fact a product of this earth. Yet the underlying feeling of emptiness experienced among people living in modern environments is something more ambitious to overlook. Take a moment to examine the amount of time you spend in front of the computer, telephone, or watching television. Removing the amount of time that you spend outside, walking in the woods, gardening or otherwise interacting with nature. The product for most people is a negligible relation to our own nature!

Everything in our natural world is connected, and belongs together. It is no accident that the air we breathe is a consequence of the growth of plants and trees. Just as the Carbon Dioxide we exhale is exactly what the trees need to thrive. Yet we slash and burn the forests, mine the mountains, and stain the oceans. We have become blind by the world that has been pulled in front of our eyes. A manufactured world in which its design is to disconnect us. How on earth can someone care about a world where they do not feel they belong!?

How can then a child care about the forest if all they know is that food comes from a shop? They will sit inside their air-conditioned coffin and be safe from nature. You’ve likely felt this same way, deprived of the natural world. You feel it uprooting your mind from the comfortable and into the wild, where we are meant to be. It’s also likely that you know someone who is averse to this; enchanted by the easy life. Go out into the world grab someone, drag them hence of their counterfeit life. Give them the chance to see where life really happens; if they do not still recognize the beauty. Quit them where they stand!

Our absolution is in nature, our ancestors were humbled before mother earth. Perhaps some modesty would go a long way…

Our European Spirit The Phantom Limb


symbolic battle of summer and winter

Just one day ago the one year anniversary of my blog passed. It brought to mind countless things, and I’ve had to sit quickly and write them down while it is fresh in my mind. The ability to converse on topics and ideals that I normally would never have an avenue to express. Or for that matter the people with whom to express the thoughts and ideas the skálds and the grey wanderers. All sharing in the same journey sharing dreams; many rivers draining into a single lake.

Then I discovered something, I was no longer alone. I wasn’t the only one who was searching for something more. Some vestigial energy that is within us all, and then the phantom limb sensation came to my mind…

The vitality of our ancestors is in all of us, and just like a person who loses a limb. However even though the limb is absent, they still feel it itching where it should be. The warmth of the sun, or the cool breeze, or even moving the limb to avoid obstacles where there was nothing to come to harm. I think this is how many of us feel when thinking about the European spirit. We feel it inside, inherently, and we gravitate towards it. Not all of us know this straight away until we’re exposed to the correct symbols, the archetypes. However slowly we are coming to a actualization, a renaissance of the spirit!

Alas here we are again, the death of the winter spirit no more ash will be cast. The time to sew seeds anew and another year before me, there is only ever room to improve. I await new challenges, joys and sorrows, new faces and insights!

Hail the Gods!
Hail Europe!
Hail all true Europeans!

Intellect; Persona Non Grata

Loki’s flight to Jötunheim

Some persons are born with a rather increased more anxious relationship with the world than average. I suppose doctors would refer to it as being an inhibited approach to their surroundings. However in my mind wouldn’t it be more favourable to be wired more sensitive to stimuli than indifferent to the world around us? These people will have a stronger more negative response to change in their environment, and take significantly longer to warm up to new situations and scenarios. It’s very likely that you know at least one person like this.

These qualities are often regarded in many cultures as being inferior and flawed; these children are seen as too hesitant and sensitive. They will often avoid social situations that are typically over stimulating. Compared to the majority they are immediately at a disadvantage here, as moving into a new conditions is extremely difficult and dismaying. So the more cautious person will slowly break away from the throng and form their own individual priorities, and interests. Once a person makes it to this point, they are viewed as the pariah, persona non grata, and from a “psychology” perspective. They are the problem.

It is the ambition of modern societal structure to compose a representation of these few. As socially anxious, rigid, or completely inflexible to change. The interests are a result of the inherent desire to be exempt from intellectually stunted. Often leading to the inability to associate with peers, or cause them to feel misunderstood and alienated. It becomes easy to see how a ‘non-typical’ interest such as a creative artistic one, where most of his/her peers will not be is often shunted. Rather than Hollywood or reality television. This is often again considered, problematic.

Not naturally adapting to the ideals and interests of your peer group is not a diagnosis! It is a manufactured attempt to kill the intellect. The intellectual does not naturally have problems socializing, nor do they despise interacting with people. In the majority of cases they merely need to conduct with someone who shares ideas of same level. Someone who wants to learn and explore the subjects they enjoy. The fact is that these subjects rarely come into the field of view of the average person.

The intellectual person is vehemently aware of how abstract or abstruse their interests are, and much earlier in life they are taught that most people do not share their interests. So why on earth would they go out of their way to socialize. They are perfectly content to remain isolated with their various projects. To be clear there is not some war on the average world being fought by the individual, most simply can’t be bothered. The irony is that the world teaches them the very thing they are objectified and persecuted for.

They are simultaneously created, and rejected by the world that created them…

Tabula Rasa & The Sublimation Of Imagination


Let your mind tell you what it sees…

At the moment each of us comes into this world, our minds are completely unblemished by it in anyway. You are not influenced by anyone or anything subconsciously or consciously in the mind. Before you are subjected to the death of one of the greatest aspects of your mind. The ability to conceive substance from nothing, the ability to imagine, resolve the aspects of the world we do not have answers for. There still are those among us who are in touch with this. Novelists, poets, artists all innovators of their insight. Without imagination the very foundations of the world our ancestors established would have been reduced to ruin.

In some of my earliest of memories, imagination molded the largest part of the world around me. Very little knowledge of what each plant was, the names of all the trees or the birds. So in the absence of concrete words and written definition for each. The world is created in a different light to each mind, what a wondrous time it was.  I recall about nearly five years of age, a large meadow next to my house where we would play. It lead up the side of a hill to the edge of the dense treeline. The trees were so many and so close together it appeared always dark, even on the most bright summer day. There were large boulders scattered about the edge of the forest.

We would explore what seemed the far reaches of the meadow, and have battles. Sticks would become swords, large boulders then became fearsome beasts that we would have to combat. We were always victorious of course! If we were feeling especially brave we would go into the edge of the forest, and all manner of things would be lurking in there. Banging sticks on the trees to ward away the things in the dark, and throwing pine cones around. Eventually we would get called home for dinner, but the adventure of the great wide world was always on the edge of our minds.

The world was a beautiful place back then, not just from the hazy perspective of childhood nostalgia. This is not merely a memory our minds made it that way. It was our interpretation of the world around us. It was ours alone. Individually created, it was so beautiful because it was what was intended.

This was all by no mistake before the arrival of public schooling, and the shaping of our minds was just to begin. Soon the world that we so loved would become categorized, and regulated, and defined down to nothing. What would be the point to step out the door, the world that someone else created was slowly erasing the one our minds had. Now looking at the world we see what we were told to see. What has been explained to us, and continues to be explained to one generation after the next. Your imagination is bad, your brain needs to be standardized. As with everything else, recorded, recalled, copied and pasted…

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