Wage Slaves & Materialism

by Edward Le Prieur

Reading this article has brought to mind some thoughts I would like to make clear. I don’t believe that and self-respecting man should have to spend eight hours every day or forty hours a week when we have such limited time in this life. I think it’s one the greatest tragedies that modern man suffers from. The wage slave would argue that I’m a leech, and life has no meaning unless I “contribute” to society. They would rather spend their time making money for their boss.

I would however retort that I could do anything I wanted to, learn an instrument, I can study a language or Aristotle, learn to paint, exercise, anything my heart desires. They might argue that it’s only possible to be happy with a mortgage, debt, and insurance. Then go out every weekend and get intoxicated with a crowd of others who are also unhappy with their lives. They would probably say that no woman would ever want such a “loser”.

I however would hold myself to higher standards. A woman who would understand concepts like loyalty and respect, and not someone who would betray you at the first sight of a “richer” man than I. There are good women out there, and if you are a woman there are good men.

The difference between a wage slave and a free man, is that a wage slave is a victim constantly trying to validate what modern society thinks of him. You get validation from your work because society tells you that it’s what “makes a man”. The richer you get, the more things you want to own, and the more complex become your desires. Go on and brag about your Mercedes. A free man is exempt of these desires and has righteous character, defends the truth, and loves the good.