Useful Man

by Edward Le Prieur


There appears to be a largely held ideal that humans cannot return to a simpler life. One of survival, hunting, fishing, gathering what resources one needs from the land that he was born to. People would try to have you believe that this is an impossible goal to attain, simply because of the lifestyle we had been born into and become accustomed to. However I disagree, I believe that if there is something that humans are capable of inherently it is adaptation.

When I was raised my brother, father and I spent a great deal of time in the woods, hunting, fishing and trapping. We would spend weeks at a time in a small log cabin with nothing more than what we caught and a few small provisions we brought with us for the stay. I thought it was a great deal of fun when I was a child, but what I didn’t realize then was that all those things weren’t just enjoyable. It was learning. My grandfather earned a living much of his life from trapping animals for their furs, I don’t believe that there is anything more fulfilling than the solitude and independence of gathering and hunting for your own food in the wilderness.

So these people that argue that people could not make a life in this manner have been mislead by the world around them. Led to believe that they need all this manufactured garbage, and working for someone else so they can buy things they don’t need to impress people they do not like. I believe that true happiness lies in being as close to being self-sufficient as possible, not chasing the ideals of the masses. My exposure to this lifestyle at a young age, forged deep in me the desire to seek out this life. Not ever completely accepting this synthetic life that the majority of the human populous will lead.

My ancestors survived an ice age with only stone tools, why can I not live self sufficiently now?