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Month: March, 2013

Woodland Eating

In a previous post I had spoke about living in a self-sufficient manner, and I spoke about how many people would consider this life to be a near impossible feat as a result of how accustomed we are to living in a modern age. This is something I often think about, and a dream of mine is to finally be able to live as close to this as possible and to rely on the outside market for goods and tools as little as is possible. I recall a great deal from my childhood in gathering berries and things from the forest. As well as planting vegetables in the field we had tilled outside my home.

In addition I recall learning how to snare rabbit along their trails throughout the forest. It is a extremely simple task to create a wire snare for the task of capturing hare, and they are  a great nutritional source; very high in protein. However you cannot survive solely on them because of their lack in essential fatty acids which would result in protein poising. So it would not be wise to try to survive on a diet of rabbit meat alone. The taste of the meat depends on the age and time of year they are captured or killed. The diet depending on the season in which they are killed of course affects the flavour of the meat. I’ve only ever eaten rabbits that have been captured or killed in the wild so I cannot comment on the taste of rabbits that would be raised or bred on a farm. Pelts from rabbits can also be utilized to craft clothing and accessories if you are so inclined.

Tracking a rabbit path or “lead” is a skill that can be easily learned by anyone willing to do so. You can typically spot a well beaten rabbit lead on the forest floor fairly quickly. As well you can learn to see where they have been feeding on short growing alder, and other small bushes. It will have a distinctive edge to where it’s been bitten off. It is good practise to take your wire and run it back and forth along a spruce tree or a pine, as it will remove any kinks from the wire and also help cover any scent you may have left on it. If you think there may be too much room for the rabbit to pass on either side of your snare you can cut off branches and drive into the ground as an obstruction. Although they have a keen sense of smell otherwise they are not too intelligent.

Along with other things you can harvest from the forest rabbits are an extremely reliable food source as they breed very quickly and are rather simple to catch and clean.

Useful Man


There appears to be a largely held ideal that humans cannot return to a simpler life. One of survival, hunting, fishing, gathering what resources one needs from the land that he was born to. People would try to have you believe that this is an impossible goal to attain, simply because of the lifestyle we had been born into and become accustomed to. However I disagree, I believe that if there is something that humans are capable of inherently it is adaptation.

When I was raised my brother, father and I spent a great deal of time in the woods, hunting, fishing and trapping. We would spend weeks at a time in a small log cabin with nothing more than what we caught and a few small provisions we brought with us for the stay. I thought it was a great deal of fun when I was a child, but what I didn’t realize then was that all those things weren’t just enjoyable. It was learning. My grandfather earned a living much of his life from trapping animals for their furs, I don’t believe that there is anything more fulfilling than the solitude and independence of gathering and hunting for your own food in the wilderness.

So these people that argue that people could not make a life in this manner have been mislead by the world around them. Led to believe that they need all this manufactured garbage, and working for someone else so they can buy things they don’t need to impress people they do not like. I believe that true happiness lies in being as close to being self-sufficient as possible, not chasing the ideals of the masses. My exposure to this lifestyle at a young age, forged deep in me the desire to seek out this life. Not ever completely accepting this synthetic life that the majority of the human populous will lead.

My ancestors survived an ice age with only stone tools, why can I not live self sufficiently now?

Cultural Enema

They are everywhere; like corrupt files. The same thing is written and re-written over and over. Every single of them outputs the same garbled incomprehensible worthless jargon. They are all the same build, same components interchangeable and ultimately worthless. As the world we live designates intrinsic value on how readily available a given object is. The things that our society places all the value on in this age. Predominately how many possessions you can acquire, and whether or not you own more of one thing than your neighbour  As opposed to helping your neighbour.  It’s all as the result of multiculturalism, which is shown to be a positive thing by the media. However I do not wish to discuss the origins of that complex. As soon as many different cultures begin to mix there is strife, and it is because of the mongrel races that our flooding the white nations our nations that our forefathers fought and died to protect, and tainting them. It’s what is nullifying the intelligence of the populous. All the while most white people would have you believe that multiculturalism is a good thing. I am constantly disappointed in what I see in the world, and subsequently getting drawn backwards into my own mind.

I grew up in a small place with a few hundred people, all white. I did not even know what it was to see a foreigner until I was in my mid-teens. Then I moved far away to a large city, and saw the filth and crime as a result of these people flooding into my country, my homeland. What could be done?! It was extremely saddening, and then when I returned to my hometown I came to see a larger population of these immigrants moving into my home taking  jobs from my people. As the employers can pay them less wage than someone who is born here. It is truly frustrating to watch this happen to my home.

So I am exhausted by trying to comprehend why it is that people just happily bloat themselves on whatever the media produces, but it is beyond any reason to try to understand it. Merely a waste of ones time. Instead I will continue to exist in the world that I create for myself, and of course those willing to strive for something better than that of the disappointingly mediocre masses. If these people are not as numerable as necessary this is not a world that I desire to continue to exist in.

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